Dr. Shana Korman, Optometrist


Dr. Shana Korman graduated with distinction from The Pennsylvania College of Optometry after receiving her B.S. degree from the The Pennsylvania State University.  Dr. Korman has practiced in hospitals, nursing homes, large public clinics, and, since 2008, has had her own private practice. 

Dr. Korman takes her time with each patient to provides personalized, comprehensive eye care.  Your eye exam will be tailored for you, the patient, depending on your individual health and visual needs.  A thorough assessment of ocular health will be done, checking for signs of cataracts and glaucoma.  A retinal assessment to check for signs of macular degeneration and diabetic eye damage is done either by the use of dilating drops or through retinal photography - permanent photographs of your retina without the use of dilating drops.  Dr. Korman will carefully determine your eyeglass prescription for far vision, near vision, computer/occupational vision, sports, and sunwear.

Here in Las Vegas, dryness of the skin and eyes (due to either allergies, the lack of humidity, or other reasons) can be a significant concern for many residents.  Dr. Korman can provide thorough dry eye evaluations in order to target the specific factors causing your symptoms.  By adding tears in the form of a carefully selected eyedrop and/or procedure to conserve the tears you already make, we can help keep your eyes more comfortable and your vision clearer.

Dr. Korman is certified in the treatment and management of ocular disease, and has experience in many areas of clinical care including helping patients with challenging prescriptions, prism, specialty contact lens fits and family optometry.  Dr. Korman enjoys seeing patients of all ages, and is passionate about providing personalized, comprehensive eye care with a gentle touch.

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