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All glasses are not created equally.

Your glasses may match your eye doctor's written Rx, but still not provide comfortable vision.


Sometimes this is because the glasses are not properly fitting on your face.  They may be obviously crooked, too loose or too tight.


Often times, however, it is more subtle factors such as frames that are twisted, too close or too far from your face, unnaturally angled on your nose, or stretched out in one direction.

Sometimes this is because the lenses were never properly aligned in front of your eyes to begin with.  This may be because careful measurements were not taken when your body was in a relaxed, neutral posture.  It could be because those measurements were taken without first considering if you prefer your glasses to fit tight and high on your nose or if you like a more relaxed fit that will not squeeze your head.  It could be because the lenses that were made do not match the precise measurements that were taken.  Or perhaps because the lenses are too tight in the frame and cause the frame to flex or because the lenses are too loose in the frame allowing the lenses to rotate.


Our brains are fabulous organs.  They do their best to adapt.  While you may see fine at any given moment when you are wearing glasses that are misaligned or in an old Rx, the brain is forcing the eyes to strain in order to focus, making you more prone to headaches as the day goes by and poor night vision.


Because our eyes and faces are all unique, having expert assistance in frame selection and fitting, in addition to rigorous quality control, will ensure that what you see out of your glasses is what you saw in your eye doctor's exam room. 

Our frame and lens expert, Alex, will help select the best glasses and sunglasses for you. 

He will guide you towards frames that will help you look and see your best, and explain which lenses will benefit you the most.

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